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You have and email address and want to add it to Microsoft Outlook. You can also add multiple email addresses which you can easily view and manage in your Outlook application and profile. Follow the steps below to add an email address to you Microsoft Outlook application using the POP3 settings. Note, the benefit of setting up a POP3 connection to your email is your emails in your mailbox will  download to your outlook data file on your pc or laptop and you can backup the outlook data file with all your emails if needed. IMAP does not download and if you close your account or change your hosting provider, you will loose or not have access to all your emails.

Phishing (pronounced fishing) is a fraudulent attempt by an attacker or cybercriminal to steal your personal information stored on your computer or device, like login details, bank passwords or pins and other valuable data. The attacker masquerades as a legitimate or reputable entity via email or other communication channels. The attacker uses phishing emails to distribute malicious links or attachments that can perform a variety of malicious functions on your computer or device.
Phishing emails usually appear to come from a well-known organization or sender and ask for your personal information, such as credit card number, ID number, account number or password.

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